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About Hypnotherapy

What is hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a very simple and natural state of relaxation, where the mind and body are relaxed at the same time and you enter into a state of deep relaxation. It is perfectly safe, you will be able to listen to and remember everything that takes place in the session and almost anybody can enter in to hypnosis easily, if they want to. However please don’t worry if you don’t “feel” hypnotised, there’s no such thing as a hypnotised feeling. 

What does it feel like ?

As I said there is no such feeling as a “hypnotised” feeling, everybody experiences is differently. For some, it just feels like you have your eyes closed and are listening to my voice, for others there is a pleasant feeling of either floating or feeling heavy with relaxation. 

How does it help ?

Hypnosis just relaxes the mind so you can take in what I’m saying at a much deeper level than you normally would be able to. It also assists therapy by allowing you to leave your daily life behind and focus only upon the session, thus bringing therapy to a more rapid conclusion 

What types of therapy do you use ?

I use different types of therapy in the Basingstoke Hypnotherapy Practice.

Hypnoanalysis – A hypnotic free-association therapy, designed to find a release unresolved emotion causing unwanted symptoms in a gentle and natural way. 

Ego State Therapy – A hypnotic method using your natural mood states or ego states to identify and resolve trauma and improve internal communication for a balanced and natural resolution to many symptoms and problems. 

Clinical Hypnosis – Traditional hypnotherapy used for problems such as Smoking Cessation, Fear of Flying and Weight Loss. Usually this is used in conjunction with Beliefs Work and Mindfulness. 

Beliefs work – A method that allows you to gain a deep understanding of yourself and change unwanted limiting thoughts and feelings that you currently find hard to stop. Beliefs work does not necessarily involve using hypnosis.

Mindfulness – I teach you mindfulness techniques that you can use daily to focus on the present and calm and relax you in stressful situations. 

Self-hypnosis – Easy to learn, self-hypnosis is a practice you can learn quickly, which becomes faster, easier and more effective with regular use to control nerves, calm and relax you and allow self-suggestion for an improved quality of life. Self-hypnosis is also a fantastic method of controlling pain.

Therapies are often combined according to your personal needs. 

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