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Analytical Hypnotherapy

Hypnoanalysis is used to discover and process unresolved emotion through free association expression.

Free association is just a simple way of talking that involves spontaneous linking of experiences until a moment is reached where you release unresolved emotion and gain a deep understanding of yourself and why you have been feeling the way you do, relieving symptoms such as those of depression, anxiety and fears and phobias.

I can recommend hypnoanalysis for any kind of emotional or psychological symptom or problem. 


Ego State Therapy

Ego State Therapy uses your natural mood states or “ego states” to identify and resolve trauma which causes unwanted symptoms. Trauma can be anything that upsets a child or adult and the emotion is bottled up and causes symptoms later on.

When you are reading you are in a “relaxed” state. When you get up and go to the kitchen you are in a “doer” state. Your states change all the time. In ego state therapy we use these natural states to resolve trauma and improve internal communication for a happier and more balanced life.

Ego state therapy is particularly helpful for internal conflict and any symptoms that cause you to be unhappy within. It is also very effective with stress or emotionally caused physical symptoms.


Beliefs Work

I work with you to help you understand how your beliefs about how you feel are very real to you, and how they are affecting you as an individual. Then we work together to look more deeply at how we can address your beliefs to change. I gently teach you how to understand better your unique personality, and change unhelpful thinking in order to overcome your symptoms. Beliefs work is excellent for adults, children and young people for who it is not advised revisit any trauma.

I often use beliefs work in combination with hypnoanalysis and ego state work, to give my clients knowledge and control over their day to day thinking.


Suggestion Therapy / Clinical Hypnotherapy

Whilst in hypnosis your mind is far more open to absorbing positive and beneficial suggestions for your own well-being on a much deeper level than whilst you are wide awake and alert.

Clinical hypnotherapy is positively worded suggestion which goes directly into the subconscious of your mind to affect an instant change in your thinking ideal for a single event or change such as smoking cessation, nail-biting etc. All sessions of clinical hypnotherapy will be used in combination with beliefs work.


Simple techniques that allow you to relax, stay calm in stressful situations and help you live more in the present. Used daily these techniques can be very effective at helping you with feelings of peace and well being.

Self Hypnosis

You can use Self Hypnosis for relaxation, self suggestion and to calm you in stressful situations. 


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