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Emetophobia (Sickness phobia, fear of vomit)

One of the more common specific phobias is a fear of sickness, either actually vomiting, or being around someone who is ill. Emetophobia sufferers will also very often worry about what they eat and drink in order to avoid being sick. Unfortunately, worrying about it so much often cause feelings of nausea because of paying so much attention to their bodies and the way they feel.

Emetophobia can cause extreme anxiety, resulting in the sufferer having to try and control many areas of their life in order to avoid seeing, hearing or being sick. In fact, someone who has emetophobia will find it very uncomfortable to read this article, as just the words I’m using can make them feel stressed and anxious.

It is often the case that suffers will go to such lengths as avoiding any area where they might feel “trapped” and unable to escape if somebody is ill around them, such as trains, planes and car travel. They will often avoid drinking alcohol, or being in places where others are drinking. They may sleep “propped up” to avoid nauseous feelings whilst lying flat, and will also make sure their house is very clean and germ free. Going out to dinner can be a problem as they will worry about the food being cooked properly, so will make “safe” choices if they manage to go out to eat at all.

Going to school or work can be difficult in case somebody is ill around them. Some sufferers worry obsessively about their family, such as their children getting ill and not being able to cope.

Some people even worry about going out anywhere, as they worry about being sick in front of people and feel they need the safety of their own home.

If you recognise any or even all of these symptoms, you may feel your symptoms are unchangeable, and that nothing can be done to help you.

I will work with you to help you understand how your beliefs about how you feel are very real to you, and how they are affecting you as an individual. Then we work together to look more deeply at how we can address your beliefs to change. I gently teach you how to understand better your unique personality, and change unhelpful thinking in order to overcome your fear.

Many people think that they will be told they have to expose themselves to sickness deliberately in order to improve and overcome their problem. Whilst it’s important during therapy to challenge yourself, I do not use exposure therapy as an approach.

You will find yourself in a safe, confidential environment. You will start to see changes really very quickly, and it’s important that you continue with the exercises after therapy has finished, so that you can continue to improve your fears in order overcome your phobia.

Emetophobia doesn’t just “happen” to you, you generate the fear through your thoughts and beliefs, and once you realise that you do this, you start to see that you are in fact able to control these thoughts, you can start to change your them, your beliefs and imagination to rid you of your symptoms.

I have been practicing helping people with emetophobia for many years now, with very effective results.

If you would like to know more about me and the treatment I use then please do call or email me and i can invite you in for a FREE CONSULTATION so that I can get to know you a little better and discuss therapy. There is no selling, no obligation and I can give you a better understanding of how therapy works and what it involves.



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