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Feeling Depressed

Feeling depressed is sometimes a reaction to life event, or sometimes an inexplicably low feeling which can stop you from enjoying life.

A definition of depression is having feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

If you are feeling sad, hopeless and have lost interest in things you used to enjoy, then these are all depressed feelings. Sometimes these feelings persist for weeks and months or even years and can impact on your work, family and social life.

Some symptoms of depression are:

Low self esteem, low mood, sadness, guilty feelings, being tearful, hopeless, helpless and powerless to change. You may have lost interest in previously enjoyable tasks or hobbies, feel anxious or worried and at worst self harming and suicidal thoughts and feelings.

You can also suffer from physical symptoms such as disturbed sleep, change in appetite, lack of physical energy and loss of interest in sex.

These symptoms can cause problems at work and in relationships as you can withdraw socially.

You may feel like you will never get better.

It is important for you to address underlying issues which may but not always be found in painful past experience. These underlying causes need to be worked on as part of a healing process to resolve depressed feelings.

As you are a unique individual, I offer different approaches to help you resolve your depressed feelings. Analytical Hypnotherapy will allow you to find and resolve the root causes of your depressed feelings, or to find and release the feelings which may be underlying your problem.

I also work with you to help you understand how your beliefs about how you feel are very real to you, and how they are affecting you as an individual. Then we work together to look more deeply at how we can address your beliefs to change. I gently teach you how to understand better your unique personality, and change unhelpful thinking in order to overcome these difficult feelings.

You will find yourself in a safe, confidential environment.

I have been practicing helping people with depression for many years now, with very effective results. If you’d like to know more about me and the treatment that I use then please do call or email me and I can invite you in for a FREE CONSULTATION, no obligation, no selling, just to meet and get to know you a little, and talk about therapy and what it involves. Hypnotherapy / Hypnosis does not have to be a part of the therapy.

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