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Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy for childbirth

Hypnosis induces a wonderful state of total relaxation, which is particularly beneficial for a mother to-be.

During this relaxed state Helen will help you to prepare mentally for the arrival of your baby and to learn techniques of self relaxation / self hypnosis to use during your pregnancy and throughout labour and childbirth. These techniques can significantly reduce discomfort during the birth of your child, allowing you to be fully aware during your child’s birth whilst remaining in a deeply calm and relaxed state.

Beginning normally at around 32 weeks, birth partners are welcome, even encouraged to come along to discuss any concerns and experience the wonderful and relaxed state of hypnosis at the first session. Following sessions concentrate on the mother to be, helping her to prepare mentally for the birth and to learn techniques of self-relaxation and self-hypnosis for a more relaxed and enjoyable birth.

Note: The calm and relaxed state of hypnosis is totally natural, therefore it would not interfere in any with any necessary medical intervention during labour.

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