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“I can’t thank you enough for everything you have helped me with, I came to you feeling so sad and down all the time, but talking with you has made me look at things in a completely different light now. Before meeting with you and speaking with you and being hypnotised, i was scared to leave my house, I was constantly worried about embarrassing myself, but you managed to teach me that there was a lot more to life than constantly being on edge about something that I can take full control of, and I did.


Being a nervous flyer, when I had to travel on my own on a two hour flight, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, I was worrying about it so much, but after being hypnotised and feeling in that safe place I realised that I had no reason to be worried at all. I watched a film most of the way, until my headphones ran out of battery, usually I would keep them on to block out any noises of the plane, but this time I didn’t. I removed them and even moved to sit in the window seat (from previously being sat on the aisle) When taxiing around London I watched out the window and I watched us land (before I would have been having a meltdown, eyes closed, hands clutching onto the seat) but this time I didn’t. I was relaxed, calm, and completely at ease – I honestly felt like a different person ! I had the biggest grin on my face the whole time until I got home ! 


I just want to thank you Helen, things have been so much more positive with me, moving jobs, facing fears and just being a happier person within myself”


M, Basingstoke


“Dear Helen,


Now I am back from holiday to the Caribbean, I wish to email you and send you my utmost thanks for all your help in helping me with my fear of flying.


Apart from the excitement of the holiday, I had a very good long haul flight to Tobago, where we stopped off, for an interconnecting flight to Trinidad, and then four days later, I flew to Grenada by the same type of aircraft. I was very relaxed for the long haul return flight back to the UK looking out of the window at the ground below. For all the flights I felt very calm and in control of my feelings. Even with turbulence I was absolutely fine.


The smaller interconnecting flight via a much smaller plane to Trinidad, I accomplished calmly, although I found the plane like a small bus and a bit disconcerting. But I was fine throughout, reading a magazine. My husband said on facebook “the girl done good” and I was extremely pleased with myself.


I had a fantastic time on holiday, and wish to thank you for all your help and kindness in getting me to control my fears. I would definitely reccommend you to my friends and colleagues who have their own fears and worries, and have handed out your business cards to them.


Thanks again”


G, Basingstoke


“Helen made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived. She is calming, friendly and professional. I have struggled with anxiety for several years and finally plucked up the courage to try something different. She has really helped me to understand myself and to find a better way. It has made a real difference in my life and I am very happy to recommend Helen.”

Sarah. Oakley, Hants



“Like a lot of guys I didnt want to talk about myself but my weight was getting out of control. I saw Helens card and just decided to try the free consultation as there was nothing to lose. In that first session I realised I had issues that I should have dealt with years ago. Im losing weight now and I reckon I would never have done it without Helen’s help.” 

Steve. Basingstoke.


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