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Smoking Cessation / Quit Smoking

I am trained in the The Rob Kelly Method™.proven to have over a 90% success rate.

If you are finding it hard to stop smoking, you are likely to have a belief that you are addicted to cigarettes. In my session we challenge the addiction belief and compound our discussion with a gentle hypnotherapy session.

Many people with a belief in addiction turn to nicotine replacements for help, however research suggests that this method is no more successful than giving up using willpower alone, with the same rate of relapse.

This article was published by the Daily Mail online:

“Nicotine patches are no  better than willpower at  helping smokers to quit, research shows.

Earlier clinical trials had suggested nicotine replacement therapy could double a smoker’s chances of giving up the habit.

But a new study of 800 patients found patches made no difference to long-term quitting rates.

Researchers said the earlier trials had failed to replicate ‘real-life’ situations. They said success and relapse rates were similar whatever method smokers adopted.

The NHS spends an estimated £84million a year on stop smoking   programmes. A week’s supply of patches, which can be obtained on prescription, cost £10 to £14.

The latest study – by the Harvard School of Public Health and the University of Massachusetts, Boston – investigated patients who gave up smoking between 2001 and 2006.

It concluded: ‘The main finding is that persons who quit relapsed at equivalent rates, whether or not they used nicotine replacement therapy to help them in their quit attempts, in clear distinction to the results of randomised clinical trials.”


Without help, 95% of quitters fail, and only 5% succeed.

It is my experience that the reason these methods are not more effective is that the belief systems behind stopping smoking are unchanged. You still have the limiting belief that you are addicted to smoking and therefore vulnerable to returning to your habit.

Smoking cessation is a single session treatment in two parts, firstly we have a big talk, breaking down your current belief systems and allowing you to see that your thinking is what’s holding you back, we will discuss the reasons why you’ve always found it difficult to stop, the reasons why you still believe that it is difficult to stop and break down those limiting beliefs you have about addiction and show you how your mind “works”,  followed by the second much shorter part of the session which is a light and relaxing session of hypnosis, anchoring in your new and more helpful beliefs. This part of the session will further motivate and enable you to reach your goal of becoming a non-smoker, and staying a non-smoker.

Some questions you may have:

How effective is the Rob Kelly technique?

A year long research project showed over a 90% success rate, however you really need to be committed to stopping smoking. You have to have made the decision yourself and be prepared to put in effort. Hypnosis is not an alternative to making this effort, it not a “magic wand”.  Ultimately it is YOU who has to stop smoking, therefore putting in effort both in the session and afterwards is key to success. I give 100% into my sessions, and you must do as well.  

Hypnosis is the most effective way to help smokers to stop smoking.


Provided that you are seriously motivated and committed to stop smoking, and you do not have any other issues, you can stop smoking easily and quickly using The Rob Kelly Method™.

What if I start smoking again?

Think positive! This is your opportunity to stop and stay stopped. If you can do it in the first place, then you can maintain it ! By breaking down your belief systems about addiction and showing you how you can stop easily, you will no longer feel like an ex smoker, but a non smoker. No matter what life throws at you, a non smoker doesn’t turn to cigarettes.

However, if you do start again, then by all means give me a call and I will assess whether another session is likely to be effective. If there are underlying issues such as stress and or anxiety, then a course of therapy may be recommended. Remember that despite being such an effective session, some people (around 10%) will carry on smoking regardless.

Is there a guarantee?

No therapist can guarantee your behaviour after a therapy session. However I will show you the best way to quit smoking easily, and put in 100% effort into the session for you. Remember you must be ready to stop smoking. If you simply hate smoking, and are sick and tired of your habit, then hypnotherapy will offer you the most effective assistance to do this.

Why do you ask for payment in cash and is there a refund if I don’t stop?

Cost is an essential part of the therapy session, it is part of the commitment. By handing over this cash investment, you are committing further to the session. No refund is offered, the payment is for the time and commitment I put into the session, and ultimately the choice to stop is your own. I cannot stop for you, I can only show you the most effective way forward.


Session is charged at £185, cash only. No consultation is needed in advance

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