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These are the different types of therapy I offer, tailored individually to you as a unique person!


Hypnoanalysis/ Analytical Hypnotherapy

A hypnotic free-association therapy. Easy to do but extremely effective, practiced in a very pure form brings about a complete and permanent resolution to issues of the past manifesting themselves as symptoms in the present. Hypnoanalysis introduces the natural process of trauma and trapped emotion healing as a resolution to incidences or times of stress which have been bottled up inside or never fully resolved.

There is no intellectual analysis involved, it is simply a term used as one experience links to another spontaneously, leading to a complete resolution of your underlying emotions and resolving current symptoms which you experience as a result.

“I wanted to thank you for the help you have given me in putting behind me some things that were holding me back from years ago. Through hypnotherapy you have helped me identify my blockages and start to deal with them and I thank you for that. I felt this was done in a very gentle and non-judgemental way, which was very considerate and engaging.”

M. Basingstoke


Beliefs Work

I work with you to help you understand how your beliefs about how you feel are very real to you, and how they are affecting you as an individual. Then we work together to look more deeply at how we can address your beliefs to change. I gently teach you how to understand better your unique personality, and change unhelpful thinking in order to overcome your symptoms. Beliefs work is excellent for adults, children and young people for who it is not advised revisit any trauma


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Whilst in hypnosis your mind is far more open to absorbing positive and beneficial suggestions for your own well-being on a much deeper level than whilst you are wide awake and alert.

Clinical hypnotherapy is positively worded suggestion which goes directly into the subconscious of your mind to affect an instant change in your thinking ideal for a single event or change such as smoking cessation, nail-biting etc. All sessions of clinical hypnotherapy will be used in combination with beliefs work.


“Paying attention to something. In a particular way. On purpose. Without judgement”


Mindfulness is a wonderful way to learn to manage and control all types of problems and anxieties. I teach you mindfulness techniques that you can use daily to focus on the present and calm and relax you in stressful situations. I will teach you techniques designed to be used at times of greater stress, as well as prevention techniques and relaxing meditations, which are used both during the sessions as well as meditations to practice at home.


Sounds simple doesn’t it ? Focussing on the here and now rather than being preoccupied by thoughts whilst performing duties, washing, eating and even when walking and driving. Most of us potter through life without really “being there” at all!

Bringing your mind back to the present is learning a new skill, one that allows you to see clearly through that muddle of thoughts and live a fuller, richer life.  Through mindfulness you can appreciate good times and weather the harder times. It allows you to think clearly and take control rather than over-thinking and losing control through negative and judgemental thoughts.

Mindfulness helps you be a calmer person who can learn to care for yourself as you do others, appreciating yourself and learning to care for yourself and be aware of your own unique personality in a way you never have before


“Helen really helped me with my anxiety. When I first visited Helen I was very nervous but as soon as I met her I felt very relaxed. I thought she was really good with helping me learn so much about myself that I didn’t even know like my negative thinking and that made me more aware so that I could change it. Helen taught me a lot that has really helped me get over my anxiety and overall I feel like a better person because I am now so much more confident then I used to be and I do things that I couldn’t do before. I don’t suffer with anxiety as much as I used to but when I do Helen gave me techniques which has been really helpful as they calm me down and make me feel a lot better.”

L. Basingstoke


Self Hypnosis

You can use Self Hypnosis for relaxation, self suggestion and to calm you in stressful situations. 


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You will find yourself in a safe, confidential environment at all times.

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